Income Evaluation
Note: Our free self-service API does not include the endpoints in the income evaluation bundle. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about them.
Quovo’s Income Evaluation endpoints present a rich profile of users’ incomes by enriching Quovo’s Account Aggregation with proprietary machine learning models. More than just a list of transactions (though we provide that as well!) Income helps you make sense of which income streams are primary, irregular, or substantial. This allows you to better understand the sources, continuance, and stability of income. The Income Evaluation bundle includes two endpoints – /incomes and /income_transactions.
The /incomes endpoint provides a comprehensive summary of user incomes. Quovo breaks down income into different   streams  . Income   streams   cluster together different deposits based on frequency, size, and source. These   streams   are also ranked by how much they contribute to your user’s overall income. The /incomes endpoint helps you make sense of these streams by bundling together pertinent information about them and ranking them so you can have a clear sense of the most important contributors to income.
Income Transactions
Along with the /incomes endpoint, the /income_transactions endpoint returns all of the deposits that comprise income streams, along with each deposit’s corresponding  stream_id  . Using this underlying transaction data, you can get a better sense of the inputs into Quovo’s Income Evaluation.
The  /incomes and /income_transactions endpoints are only available for “checking” and “savings” account types. Both endpoints are available at the user and account levels. They can also be combined with the Expense Analysis endpoints to give a complete picture of your user’s cash flow.