User Config Workflow

Institution Specific Instructions Workflow

This workflow section will go over how to handle the “user_config” connection   status  . “User_config” indicates that a connection requires user action at the institution itself.  An example of this is a user accepting new terms and conditions for online banking. 

Resolving Config Instructions

After a   status   of “user_config” is returned, the sync has stopped and is unable to continue until you resolve the issue. The   config_instructions   will be returned in the GET  call to the /sync endpoint. These instructions tell the users what the institution requires them to do in order to complete a sync, and therefore must be passed to the user. The user must then go to the institution website and resolve the issue before you can continue. After the user has come back and resolved the issue, you can re-initiate the sync. To do this, make the same POST request to the /sync endpoint with the same parameters you did when you started the sync for the first time.
curl -X POST \
            -H "Authorization: Bearer a724809d37d0a21b7e9257f45cee416f5aec61993ab4b09e" \

Checking Sync Progress

After you resolve the “config_instructions” status, you should continue to GET /sync to confirm the end user finished the required steps. You should also continue to GET /sync to see if the institution requires additional security measures. A “challenges”   status   will be returned if the institution does.