Balance Estimator

Balance Estimator
Note: Our free self-service API does not include balance estimation. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about Balance Estimator.
Quovo’s /balance_estimate endpoint projects future balances in an account. Using proprietary modeling based on Quovo’s Income + Expense analysis, Balance Estimator uses a robust combination of cash flow patterns, account characteristics, and AI methodologies to return a likely range of account balances for a given date.
  balance estimator workflow
A key use case of this product is to reduce risk of insufficient funds and give you greater confidence that transactions and debits will clear successfully once they’re initiated from an account.
Balance Estimator requires two parameters: Quovo   account_id   and the   estimate_date  , which is the future date for which you’d like to estimate a projected account balance.
In order to generate projections, we run multiple simulations that test various scenarios.  By leveraging our Income + Expense analyses of cash flow patterns, as well as general account trends and latent variables, we generate a balance estimate.
Note: Our balance estimation process requires up-to-date transaction data in order to run accurately.