Account Aggregation
Quovo’s account aggregation extracts the richest account- and transaction-level data in the industry, enabling you to create a holistic 360-degree view of your users, clients, and prospects. Covering 14,000+ institutions and the full breadth of financial account types—from checking accounts to credit cards to 401(k)s to life insurance—Quovo aggregation has set a new industry standard in quality and reliability. account aggregation diagram
  We use innovative quality control measures driven by our analytics platform, including:
  • Nightly outlier checks that monitor irregular data exceptions, such as suspicious balances or abrupt changes in holdings
  • Placeholder transactions to temporarily reconcile accounts if there are data irregularities from an institution
  • Performance calculations on investment accounts to monitor spikes or dips in asset value over time that could be due to data issues from an institution
Quovo Aggregation is the only aggregation product in the industry used across fintech apps, personal finance services, and account reconciliation back offices. The combination of our ease of use, reliability, and data quality makes us the only partner trusted by such a diverse and demanding set of customers.

Using Test Institutions

Before delving into our endpoints for account aggregation, it’s worth noting the importance of Quovo’s test institutions. These test institutions were built to help you understand the different workflows and account types that Quovo covers. Additionally, a subset of our test institutions are designed to show you example data for a variety of account types such as:
  • Test Data – Bank
  • Test Data – Investments
  • Test Data – Credit Card
  • Test Data – Insurance
  • Test Data – Student Loan
The full list of test institutions is available here. Use them to understand how Quovo displays particular data elements such as balances, transactions, or account attributes.