Welcome to Quovo
Quovo is a data platform that provides connectivity to financial accounts at over 14,000 institutions. Quovo offers API-delivered products that enable businesses to build seamless, personalized digital experiences and more effectively transact with their customers. With Quovo, it’s easy for your users to connect and aggregate their financial accounts through your app—giving you unprecedented insights and reducing friction in your customer journey. To get started:
1. Sign up for API
2. Create token
3. Create user
4. Create connection
5. Sync account
Once you’ve gotten the hang of working with our API and our connection process, you can explore some of our core products below, as well as other products listed on the left-hand menu of these docs.
Note: These docs are for our v3 API. If you’re an existing user of v2, you can access our Aggregation, Authentication, and Connect docs via the provided links.